Meet Dr. David Raczka.

Doctor of Chiropractic – DC , Bachelors in Nutrition – BSN
Dr. David Raczka is a caring chiropractor, healer, and guide. He has a doctorate in chiropractic and a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Dr. David has trained under Dr. Deed Harrison, a world renowned researcher and chiropractor in the field of spinal biomechanics and posture. Dr. David has over 900 hours of continuing education focusing on gentle pediatric and perinatal care. Dr. David has been passionately helping families improve their quality of life for over 5 years.

Why Pediatric and Perinatal Care?

Dr. David was just coming indoors from playing in his aunt’s Massachusetts yard when he noticed an insect crawling on his leg. After two weeks, he finally showed his mother the swollen, bulls-eye-shaped rash on his thigh. It was the classic symptom of Lyme Disease contracted by tick bite. It would be a long recovery and the effects of Lyme Disease would change the trajectory of David’s life.

He decided that instead of a desk-bound career he wanted a life actively pursuing health. That together with his personal experience with Lyme guided him to value and understand how one’s childhood health can impact their entire life.

Working as a chiropractor, Dr. David has met patient after patient whose bodies were showing the effects of years, even decades, of neglected spinal care. Many didn’t even know that incidental spinal trauma during their own births may have affected their behavior and development as children, and their physical well-being as adults.

Today Dr. David’s mission is to step up to help others step up to their own better health through chiropractic care that centers expectant mothers, infants, and children.


Step Up

To Better Health with Dr. David.