Pregnancy Testimonials

I was 7, almost 8 months pregnant and the extra weight was causing pain in my coccyx and pubic areas making it difficult to walk.

Before I came to Dr. David I was trying yoga and exercises to help, but being pregnant limited the exercises I could do. i found through online research that having chiropractic work done can also help make labor and birthing easier.

I know that the work done here helped me minimize the pain I had through my pregnancy. After every visit I felt more range of motion and less pain.

When I went into labor everything progressed so smoothly (better than my last pregnancy). I enjoyed talking to my nurse about all the chiro work I had received and she was excited because she said having chiropractic work done really helps align everything making birth easier.

When I was in active labor I only had to push once and my baby was born. Yes, this is my 3rd pregnancy and it’s supposed to be fast … but I didn’t even tear like I did with my first two. I am convinced that the adjustments made to my pelvis, back, and neck helped my birthing process be as efficient and effective as it could be.

After the baby was born, he saw both me and my little girl together. Many of my ligaments were stretched and strained after birth. After just one visit my pain was cut in half. I’m looking forward to going once a week until my maternity leave is over so that I know I’ll be able to get right back into work in my best physical condition. He also checked the baby for any strain or misalignment that may have resulted from the baby making it’s way through the birth canal.

He gave me great advice, was attentive, and flexible with scheduling. His office was very soothing and had a little area where my son’s could play with toys as I was getting my adjustments.

I would recommend him to anyone who is pregnant or just looking for some pain relief therapy. If I was going to make a slogan for this business it would be- “Step up Chiropractic- kind, affordable, flexible! – they’ve got your back.”


Bethany G

Mom of 3

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